Social Workers, Lead Professionals, Pastoral Support Staff, Family Support Workers, Children’s Centres etc.

There are three options for children who are referred to Treecreepers by professionals.

Firstly we work with small groups of up to 6 children/young people with 2 leaders allocated to each group. This high ratio of adults to children enables us to observe and get to know each individual and ensure their needs are being met. Professionals need to consult with colleagues and organise a group of 4 – 6 children of similar ages to attend together. We can assist with this process if required.


Secondly we work with some children and young people who need more intensive support and nurturing on an individual basis. This allows us to work towards detailed tailored outcomes and is a good option if the child or young person would find it difficult to initially engage with others. Two leaders will be assigned to the child as we work in remote areas and professionals are welcome to attend too (this is a great opportunity to find common ground with young people who are hard to engage).

Thirdly we provide opportunities for young people to attend with their family to improve relationships or work on particular aspects of family life such as communication. With everyone in a new environment it is easier to effect change and to see each other in a different light which helps to start breaking down patterns of behaviour. We can work with a single family or with a few families who attend together. Once again this is a golden opportunity for professionals to engage with a family outside of a formal setting so we would ask at least one professional to attend alongside the family. In all instances the best conversations happen around an open fire when the pressure is removed and the participants are calm.

We provide a full individual review of each young person on completion of a course if requested (and at intervals throughout if requested) and strive to keep lead professionals informed of relevant developments.

All of our services are bespoke and therefore we rarely have any open groups. We believe strongly in setting children up for success and therefore we are quite emphatic about making sure children are matched as well as possible before starting with us.

We work to outcomes agreed with the lead professionals and respond to the participants learning styles, patterns of behaviour (both good and challenging), interests, needs and strengths. Because of this, our sessions are bespoke and individually tailored to the individual/group as the weeks progress – although they will have elements of safety, environment and ethos in common, no two courses are the same.

All our professional staff are fully insured, DSB checked, first aid trained and passionate about changing young people’s lives for the better.

The cost of Treecreepers is, we believe, very reasonable for the quality of service provided. All equipment, insurance and health and safety provision are included in the price.
For groups the charge starts from £180 per session. This can be spread amongst participants as needed and we are familiar with CAF funding and ICST paperwork.
For individual/family sessions please contact us for prices.

The sessions vary from 2 – 3 hours in length and depending on availability can take place anytime during daylight hours, 7 days a week, in all weathers, year round.

For more information contact us on 07915 309 029 or via our contact form.

“A fantastic way to engage children who have difficulties interacting and expressing themselves. The workers are very good at encouraging the children’s imagination and providing them with opportunities to explore the world around them in a safe and creative way. Simon and Harry ensure the sessions are catered to each child as they get to know them and understand their individual needs and characters”. – S Cheetham CYPD

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    Tel: 07915 309 029
    Email: info (at)
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  • Location

    Treecreepers operate from various sites in Gloucestershire including Lineover wood with kind permission of the Woodland Trust.
    The entrance to Lineover Wood is opposite Dowdeswell resovoir, on the A40/ London road.
    For detailed directions please print our map and directions
    For more information about Lineover Wood and the Woodland Trust please click on the following link:
    Woodland Trust: Lineover