How to book

In the first instance whether you are just enquiring or ready to make a firm booking please contact us either by phone or email to discuss your individual/group and what availability we have.
Then, when ready, you can go to our downloads page and find the relevant paperwork.
You will need a booking form and a medical/consent form which you can email or send to us when complete. There are other useful downloads like directions, kit list and leaflets too.


Treecreepers will design a bespoke programme to suit your needs and outcomes. Pricing will be dependent on the type of programme, how long it will last, the number of young people and the equipment/ leaders needed. Please contact us with an outline of your requirements or an approximate budget and we will be happy to discuss your options and collaborate on a programme. For an idea of the services we offer please see our Schools and Other Agencies pages.

Talking is free from obligation and charge!


We can run sessions 7 days a week year round and are not seasonally or weather dependent. To check availability for your group please contact us.
If you are referring an individual to be matched to a group or have a specific need in terms of leader or site please bear in mind it may take some time to get the service in place.
If you are referring an individual for 1-2-1 support and are flexible on times we are normally able to start a service immediately (as soon as the relevant paperwork is completed).

If you and/or your colleagues would like to join us on a free open day to see our work in practice please feel free to get in touch.

“Dealing with treecreepers is always a pleasure. The volume of paperwork needed to ensure everything was legal and correct was completed with humour which made the whole process less onerous”
“Communication either via telephone or email is very prompt and professional” – P. Bolwell LP

“I’ve had an excellent experience of working with all Treecreepers staff. Thank you for your good communication about logistical issues and in relation to passing on all relevant disclosures” – JH Social Worker