What happens in a typical session?

Prior to any programme your Treecreepers leader will meet and liaise with group leaders to discuss any particular educational or developmental areas that you would like to cover in the outdoor environment. Depending on the age and composition of your group, activities could include:

Nature detectives, bug hunts, woodland art, den making, tool use, fire lighting, tracking skills, story- telling, orienteering, sensory exploration and much, much more!

In all aspects of our provision children are encouraged to respect the natural environment.
Treecreepers is based in play and exploration and is built upon week-on-week. Participants are encouraged to take ownership of their woodland space and in the first sessions time will be spent familiarising themselves with the area, the leaders and the routine of the woods.

Due to the nature of our ethos we remain flexible in the make-up of the day, If a child shows a particular interest or is drawn to something, we will follow their agenda and encourage them to build on their discoveries.

Sessions are designed to be structured but not directive. Throughout their time at Treecreepers the children will be involved in woodland art and other projects that can be taken back to school or home. We find this encourages them to talk about and remember their days and gets the whole family or school involved in their experiences.

Treecreepers, by its nature child-led so children will participate in some guided activities but also experience the wonders of free play in the challenging woodland environment.

Participants will also be taught to make informed choices, use their own initiative to solve problems, co-operate with others and learn to evaluate risks.

What was the best part about being at Treecreepers?
“Everything! Bug hunting and going to the witches stream! I learnt how to build a shelter too” A – age 8

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